George & Brenda James with their daughter, Mary Kay Consultant Cassandra.

They reside in Mitchell, IN. Brenda is a former owner “Insurance Agency”.


  Brenda James

2nd Line OffSpring Director

1st Line OffSpring Directors

Scott & Dona Bates with their sons Miles & Aaron.

They reside in Pikeville, KY. Dona is a former “Art Teacher”.


Indep[endent Sales Director Brenda James

        Susie              Dona                 
Gleyze-Thomas       Bates              

Dan & Susie Gleyze-Thomas with their twins, Lilly & Seth

They reside in Bloomington, IN. Susie is a former hospital “Vice President “.


Small Beginnings


Independent Sales Director Dona Bates

Independent Sales Director Susie Gleyze-Thomas